Download Logitech Gamepad and Joystick drivers

For experienced gamers, one keyboard and mouse is not enough to play games. Therefore, such devices as joysticks, gamepads, steering wheels and others were created. They are connected to the computer and allow more efficient and convenient control of the character and gameplay. One of the most famous manufacturers of such devices is the Logitech brand.

Such devices today are the norm, not a rarity. However, sometimes there are problems connecting the controller to the computer. Perhaps the problem is a missing driver. Therefore, it will be useful to know how to install Logitech gamepads driver.

Why do you need a driver for the Logitech gamepad

The normal and full functioning of any gaming gadget depends on whether the computer has the necessary Logitech gamepad driver. This is the name of intermediary programs with the help of which the system recognizes the device and understands how to work with it.

If there is no such driver with the device, and the basic settings that are pulled up automatically are not enough for control, it makes sense to download and install new drivers. Thus, the reasons for installing the driver are as follows:

  • your computer does not see the connected device;
  • joystick connected but not working;
  • the gamepad has limited settings that are not enough for you.

This is all very simple, and further we will tell you exactly how.

How to find and download Logitech Gamepad software

When it comes to installing new Logitech joystick software on a computer, many people become apprehensive. They are afraid of infecting the system with a virus or making a mistake. But if you know where to download Logitech gamepads drivers and how to download it correctly, then nothing bad will happen.
Programs for gaming devices of this brand are presented on our website. Here you can download them safely, absolutely free of charge.

Device type Description Availability of drivers for it Model examples
Gamepad Operated by two hands Yes G-UD8, G-RC14


Joystick Operates with one hand, looks like a gear shifter in a car Yes J-UD11, J-UG18, J-UF17
Steering wheel Game steering wheel for driving simulators Yes E-X5C19, E-UJ11

A complete list of models for which you can download drivers from us is presented on the website. You can use the search and just enter the name of your device there.
When you have found the file you need, make sure that it is suitable for your system. Then click on it. The file will start downloading. As a result, you will see an archive with the installer and other files in the downloads.

How to install the driver and then set up your gamepad

Once the file has downloaded, you will need to unpack it. Accordingly, your computer must have a program for this. After you need to run the installation file. For this:

  1. Double click on it with the mouse.
  2. When the installer opens, start the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

After that, you can connect your gamepad and go to the control panel. Select the section with connected devices. Your joystick should be there.
In the same place, the gamepad is checked and configured. You can check how the buttons work, what properties they have, etc.

Reinstalling and updating the Logitech Gamepad Driver in case of problems

If you have installed a Logitech Gamepad driver, set up your device, and have been using it for a long time, it makes sense to check for updates. This is also done if the gamepad began to work worse. These can be button disconnections, interruptions in connecting devices, etc.
In that case, here’s how to update Logitech gamepads drivers:

  1. download the new version from our website;
  2. update through the device manager (there will be a function to search for updates);
  3. use Logitech Options.

Just choose the most convenient way for you. Updates allow you to avoid errors, make the device work more perfect.

If problems arose immediately after installation, or this process went wrong, it makes sense to try reinstalling. Here’s how to reinstall Logitech gamepads drivers as quickly as possible:

  • Uninstall the program through the manager on the computer or using the installation programs.
  • Download the correct version of the driver from our website again.
  • Install as described above.

You can also restart your computer afterwards. It is recommended to install Logitech gamepad drivers if you do not have other software designed for gamepads.

You also need to follow this instruction if you downloaded the driver for the wrong version of the operating system.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What systems are your Logitech Gamepad drivers suitable for?

We have provided all the options, so you can download drivers for the same device for Windows, MacOS and Linux from us. There are two options for Windows, depending on the bitness of your system, you can download the appropriate one.

Do you offer original Logitech joystick software?

Of course. We only have original Logitech drivers that have been virus-checked and exactly match the devices they are intended for.

How long does it take to download and install the Logitech gamepad driver?

Actually, it’s a fast process. It will take you up to 5 minutes from downloading to checking the connection.

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